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‏More Seductive than Chocolate!

Halva Snack Bars

Surprisingly Different!

Halva – The Middle Eastern Treat

‏Halva – the delicacy favored by royalty in grand palaces across the Middle East and Arabia, stacked in slabs on gold platters and served as a treat at any respectable feast, is today enjoyed around the world. Halva is made from sesame seed paste, and served either plain or “marbled” with chocolate or dotted with nuts and other healthy goodies.

Halva Means Sesame

‏Halva is produced from 100% sesame seed paste. Sesame is a known “superfood” with a high percentage of calcium and iron and an excellent source of antioxidants, zinc, manganese and vitamins B1, B2 and B3

Halva Snack Bars

‏We’ve taken all the taste and goodness of the original halva, and packed it in bite-size chunks to enjoy on the go, as a healthy, energetic and delicious snack, with only 99 calories per serving!

‏Small in size, but full of nutritional benefits!

  • Contain 50% sesame seed paste (tahini)
  • Include high percentages of iron and calcium
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • No preservatives
  • No trans fat

Need a little boost of energy?

‏A healthier option as a snack for kids
‏Have only 99 calories per serving, which is great for portion control
‏Halva Bars come in a variety of flavors: vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and pecan

Halva Bars are a good for everyone!

‏Customers will identify Halva Bars with the goodness of original halva. The snack bars have a rich, creamy texture and melt in your mouth – easily satisfying the craving for something sweet to munch – and they’re highly addictive too!

About Rushdi Food Industries

‏Rushdi Food Industries was established in 1984, as a joint venture later purchased by Unilever Israel.
‏Today Rushdi is a private company re-owned by the Bashir family – the original founding family.

  • Israel’s largest manufacturer of tahini and halva.
  • Leading tahini suppliers for Sabra, Frito-Lay’s leading Hummus brand.
  • Highly advanced new plant applying the strictest international standards of food production (ISO, HACCAP, BRC).
  • The increase in the consumption of tahina and halva is mainly due to growing awareness of the value of health-based products based on sesame. Products exported to numerous countries around the world.

For further information please contact: ‏michal.neeman@lumeega.com